The District Has Done Its Job;
Now Let's Do Ours:  VOTE YES!

The Manhasset District's proposed 2014/15 school budget is a solid, sound budget that deserves everyone's support (highlights here), because it meets the allowable tax levy cap AND begins restoring programs and items cut as a result of last year's budget votes.   It is a no-brainer.  VOTE YES!  

This is an exceptionally well crafted budget, and PASS commends the Unions, the Administration and the School Board for their contributions. VOTE YES!​

Now it's our turn:  let's PASS this budget with 100% approval!!  VOTE YES!

VOTE YES on Tuesday May 20th from 6:30AM - 10:00PM.  Spread the word!  Tell your friends, tell your neighbors! Strong turnout and a strong margin will send the message that education in Manhasset is highly valued.  Our fine schools are the centerpiece of our community.  Let's demonstrate that our community values education and educational excellence highly:  VOTE YES!    

PASS wholeheartedly supports the proposed budget. Let's show how much our community cares about education.  On Tuesday, May 20th, VOTE YES!

Think of it this way: Last June our community passed the second budget (that included cuts) with record turnout and a margin of approval of over 71%!  Now the community has an easy opportunity to show how much we value continued fiscally responsible excellence in education:  VOTE YES!  

The Importance of the Annual Budget Vote;  Why Your YES VOTE Matters!

Our respected schools need your ongoing support to stay strong and remain nationally recognized and respected.  The easiest way to show your support for our schools and the education of our children is by voting YES every May in the annual school budget vote. Our community's show of support for our schools annually in the budget vote clearly signals that we are a community that cares about, values and supports its schools and education!  

This year VOTE YES is a no brainer!

In these times of ongoing challenges to New York's public schools, strong community support for local schools is critical to protect the local foundations of educational excellence now and into the future. 

Get involved! Stay in touch. Reach out and know who is running your schools! 



News & Events

Have a question about the 2014-15 School Budget? Ask it at the Budget Hearing.
Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 8:00pm - Secondary School Board Room
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 6:00am - Secondary School Gym