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A few truths regarding the MPSA's allegations regarding enrollment projections:

1. Even in the most pessimistic projection from the Cornell...


Enough With Art & Music

The Short Sighted Vision of the MPSA

The Manhasset School District along with our elected school board are putting for a proposition for a facilities bond for school facilities. The bond would address infrastructure repairs and renovate our science, arts and music classrooms and cafeterias to relieve overcrowding and meet current student demands for academic programming. More information is available at and at

A nameless and faceless group is opposed to the bond. Their rebuttal to the community's desire to improve our schools? 

"Enough with art and music"

PASS begs to differ. Study after study has shown that music and art programs as an essential part of the curriculum improve academic grades for students. Here are just a few of the dozens of articles detailing the research:

What type of education do you want for your child? 

PASS asks all parents in the community to advocate for their children. Your voice matters. Your child's education matters. If you have questions about the bond proposition contact your elected school board member. They represent you and your child. You can find their contact information at

In these times of ongoing challenges to New York's public schools, strong community support for local schools is critical to protect the local foundations of educational excellence now and into the future. 

Get involved! Stay in touch. Reach out and know who is running your schools! 



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Read the School District's official release detailing the proposed school bond and how it will improve our schools.
Manhasset 2020 Facilities Bond ...