In another of what seems to be a series of blatant attempt to derail education in Manhasset, the MPSA has distributed an email that selectively takes... view
Governor Cuomo’s Tax Relief Commission has issued its final report. Here are some observations which would affect Manhasset schools:


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Please attend the Board of Education meeting
Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 8:00pm - High School Board Room

PASS Has Three Goals:

  • Listen - Offer a place outside of formal BOE events where the community can voice a concern, an idea and an opinion.

  • Inform - Keep the community aware of news & events that affect the school budget process and represent what is often convoluted information in a simple and clear manner.

  • Advocate - Offer new ideas to the school board to further improve education in Manhasset while controlling costs. Be a voice for the children in Manhasset.

PASS wants to change the conversation about the school budget. It can't simply be about taxes, but it must always be about fiscal responsibility. The discussion has to encompass state mandates, comparisons to surrounding communities and goals for the educational curriculum. Only a broad based understanding of the issues can lead to thoughtful and informed decisions.

The issues that our schools face didn't go away with last year's passed budget. We, as a community, need open and frank conversations with an exchange of ideas and a will to implement change on an continual basis. No more last minute fire drills. 

Your opinion always matters. Please let PASS know at